Building Your Brand

Let's sit down together and figure out the best path for you to develop your brand. My goal is to create designs that are attractive and help your business grow. In today's visual world, you need to make sure you communicate with images as well as you do with words. Let me help you build your visual story.

About Me

Creating  beautiful marketing products for your business gives me a sense of  great accomplishment. Seeing my work displayed around Regina makes me proud of YQR. I studied at Medicine Hat College for 4 years, earning my  Bachelor of Communications degree. After working at a local marketing  firm for 5 years, I established my own business and have designed a  variety of products for hundreds of clients. I take pride in my work  developing brands and marketing products that assist my clients in  becoming more successful. Being a freelance designer allows me to  offer you a very competitive rate for services, and enables me to  work in a stress-free creative environment. In addition, because of  established relationships with printers and suppliers, I can also offer  attractive fees for these services. I truly enjoy creating new products  that meet and exceed my clients’ expectations. Contact me soon to get  your ‘deadly design’!.